Advanced Estimating for Heavy Highway Construction

Overview of WINBID2000's Main Screens and Functions
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 The Fast Reliable Estimating Solution

Thank you for taking a look at this overview of our system.  You will see the main reason WINBID2000 is so popular with our users: it is super fast and efficient and estimator-friendly.

First, note that all of your estimating is centered around just two main screens -- this gives you the most efficient possible interface.  Second, each Bid is stored in a separate file (just like Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets).  This means you can organize, categorize, backup and archive your Bids easily and simply.  And it is also why WINBID2000 is so fast: it is not constantly looking through all the details of all the Bids; it just has to deal with the one Bid you are working on.

mazeThe two main estimating screens are Items and Details.  You do all of your bid-building and adjusting from those two screens, with a few pop-up forms for adding subs, copying items/activities from other Bids, spreading the Bond.  Everything is right there at your fingertips; never buried in a maze of layers.  And getting around is efficient, always allowing keystrokes as well as mouse-clicks.  Since the system was designed by an estimator, each screen shows you all you want to see and nothing you don't want to see.

Whether you are doing hundreds of small Bids or a few with a thousand details each, WINBID2000 lets you go straight to the Bid/Item/Details you want. 

 When you are ready to send out Quotes, you select Customers and the system helps you build your quote(s) automatically.  You can instantly create a Budget from any Bid, then make changes to that Budget separately from the Bid (which remains as submitted).

 For a more detailed view of how WINBID200 operates we can set up a demo of the live system.  Just call or email us and we will arrange the demo in whatever way is most convenient for you.